Prologue – The Journey of the Sixth Company from Eagle Watch to Now

Following the very successful Battle of Eagle Watch (in 3118), which effectively ended the Prelacy’s invasion southward before it really began, the Company traveled westward through Fort Talon and Northwatch. Additional encounters with Prelacy forces revealed that Paladin Commander Cantos Vega was in league with two mysterious entities – the Seer and the Crystal Lord (also referred to as the Crystal Tyrant by some).

The Company began exploring the conspiracy that seemed to be underway, discovering also that arrangements were made with the nation of Shaya’Nor to secure the Prelacy’s northern borders while they focused on their attacks southwards. This wasn’t hard to believe, as the “Nation of Shadows” had been very quiet since the Betrayal War.

Their travels then took them to the Galean city of Lakehold, where they were entertained by the Duke there. Damme Jennifer encountered members of the Order of the Silver Rose, to which she belongs. Implicated in the beating and attempted rape of a local merchant’s daughter, conflict with them was inevitable. After the combat, interrogations revealed the leader was taking his men to meet with representatives of the Crystal Lord, who promised a return to “true feudalism, noble privilege, and fantastic wealth and glory.”

In the overall quest to track down more information about the Seer and the Crystal Lord, many adventures and wide-ranging travels followed. A band of bounty hunters, led by a vampire, were taken down before they could destroy Anguiss and his original company; Chiron carried important messages to the capital of the Fae Nation, and his diplomacy encouraged the leadership to take the new threats to the Southern Kingdoms seriously (this led to a significant increase in importance of the Centennium Council and preparing for the opening of the Gates of Hell); Damme Jennifer finally directly confronted the leadership of the Order of the Silver Rose, and with her companions’ aid, restored it to its original noble state; Sir Sanson became aware of his ancestry, descended as he was from the founders of the Church of Light and the Order of the Jade Flame; Snorri led the Company to the deep places of her clan, where they drove out ancient dark horrors from the bowels of the world; Elindur finally tracked the Maelstrom faction that had murdered so many of his kin, and the Company brought them to brutal justice; Anguiss uncovered the rise of the Dragon Cult and their efforts to recall the Dragons to Shaintar, which the Company successfully put down.

All along the way, Erasmus Flint gathered more and more information about their elusive targets, discovering the ancient lost history of Shaintar and Starfall, and coming to a deeply terrifying understanding of the true nature of the world.

Not long ago, the Company broke for a time. Each had personal agendas and matters to attend to, personal quests to complete, or simply needed some time away from the road to rest, study, and train. The War of Flame came and went, with each member serving in their own way against the forces of Flame and the Empire. In the aftermath of the Empire’s withdrawal (as civil war erupted in their lands), the Crimson Crusade heralded the Prelacy’s second – and more successful – invasion of the Southern Kingdoms.

Against this backdrop, Erasmus has called the Sixth Company of the Silver Unicorn back together again to finally complete their original mission. He’s discovered the location of the Crystal Tyrant, and a good bit about the nature of this entity’s mission, as well as a conspiracy by powerful outsider entities to destroy everything the Company fought so hard for…

Shaintar_J&L_6th Company of the Silver Unicorn

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